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Introducing DataStax GPT Schema Translator: Streamlining Real-Time Data Pipelines Using Generative AI

You can now use generative AI to create schema mappings for streaming pipelines via the DataStax GPT Schema Translator. This new DataStax Astra Streaming feature frees up developers to focus on the more impactful components of building and maintaining real-time pipelines, instead of wrestling with the difficult and[...]

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How Mongoose Will Bring JSON-Oriented Developers to Apache Cassandra

A new partnership between the open source projects Stargate and Mongoose will create a fully idiomatic experience for JavaScript developers on Apache Cassandra. Apache Cassandra® is becoming the best database for handling JSON documents. If you’re a Cassandra developer who finds that statement provocative, read on. In a[...]

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Application Architecture: Moving from Modern to High-Growth

Machine Learning has been influencing the way we build modern applications for several years now. However, the impact to the front-line transactional workflow has been pretty nominal. Real-Time AI is changing that. In this post, we’ll talk through what a modern application architecture looks like and the changes[...]

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