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Introducing DataStax GPT Schema Translator: Streamlining Real-Time Data Pipelines Using Generative AI

You can now use generative AI to create schema mappings for streaming pipelines via the DataStax GPT Schema Translator. This new DataStax Astra Streaming feature frees up developers to focus on the more impactful components of building and maintaining real-time pipelines, instead of wrestling with the difficult and[...]

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A New Hands-On Lab to Guide You Through App Migrations

Migrating to new technology while keeping the business operational is a challenge faced by many organizations. This is particularly true for enterprises that use Apache Cassandra® or other CQL-compatible databases, which are typically relied upon for continuous availability. Eliminating downtime when migrating client applications between clusters is a[...]

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Application Architecture: Moving from Modern to High-Growth

Machine Learning has been influencing the way we build modern applications for several years now. However, the impact to the front-line transactional workflow has been pretty nominal. Real-Time AI is changing that. In this post, we’ll talk through what a modern application architecture looks like and the changes[...]

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When you think about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, products like Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics come to mind. These are enterprise CRM solutions, meaning they’re highly advanced functionality-wise. Salesforce and other solutions help companies personalize their service and product offerings. But not all companies need the kind[…]

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Big Data

Big Data Solutions are complex and relatively new to the most of the devs. Despite that, many enterprises dive deep into the big data software development as it is hard to overestimate its value for the business. We at ATSC hope you canfind a comprehensive explanation of the[…]

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