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7.7 ZooKeeper Encryption

ZooKeeper connections that use mutual TLS are encrypted. Beginning with ZooKeeper version 3.5.7 (the version shipped with Kafka version 2.5) ZooKeeper supports a sever-side configssl.clientAuth (case-insensitively: want/need/none are the valid options, the default is need), and setting this value to none in ZooKeeper allows clients to connect via a TLS-encrypted connection without presenting their own certificate. Here is a sample (partial) Kafka Broker configuration for connecting to ZooKeeper with just TLS encryption. These configurations are described above in Broker Configs.

        # connect to the ZooKeeper port configured for TLS
        # required to use TLS to ZooKeeper (default is false)
        # required to use TLS to ZooKeeper
        # define trust stores to use TLS to ZooKeeper; ignored unless zookeeper.ssl.client.enable=true
        # no need to set keystore information assuming ssl.clientAuth=none on ZooKeeper
        # tell broker to create ACLs on znodes (if using SASL authentication, otherwise do not set this)