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8.2.3 Configuring Connectors

Connector configurations are simple key-value mappings. For standalone mode these are defined in a properties file and passed to the Connect process on the command line. In distributed mode, they will be included in the JSON payload for the request that creates (or modifies) the connector.

Most configurations are connector dependent, so they can’t be outlined here. However, there are a few common options:

  • name – Unique name for the connector. Attempting to register again with the same name will fail.
  • connector.class – The Java class for the connector
  • tasks.max – The maximum number of tasks that should be created for this connector. The connector may create fewer tasks if it cannot achieve this level of parallelism.
  • key.converter – (optional) Override the default key converter set by the worker.
  • value.converter – (optional) Override the default value converter set by the worker.

The connector.class config supports several formats: the full name or alias of the class for this connector. If the connector is org.apache.kafka.connect.file.FileStreamSinkConnector, you can either specify this full name or use FileStreamSink or FileStreamSinkConnector to make the configuration a bit shorter.

Sink connectors also have a few additional options to control their input. Each sink connector must set one of the following:

  • topics – A comma-separated list of topics to use as input for this connector
  • topics.regex – A Java regular expression of topics to use as input for this connector

For any other options, you should consult the documentation for the connector.