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Portal Technology.

Portal Technology.

If you are starting with SharePoint, then it is really necessary to understand what is portal technology means and how SharePoint helps organizations as a portal technology.

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What is Portal Technology?

A portal is a place where users can get important information about corporate or organization. This is the first place for employees to get business information. Various organizations customize their portal based on their organizations requirement.

A portal may be consists of one or more web sites where information are stored directly on the web sites or information are stored in file shares or other business applications. The portal to be the central location users can visit to find information regardless of its actual storage location. At the same time portal also be secure, up to date and easily accessible. User should able to search for required information.

A good portal should provide all the company reference and policy information that the employee needs to review, as well as links to all the information systems and websites that employee needs to do her job. Information should be stored in easy-to-browse locations, based on subject or topic.

Portal technologies enables users to handle day-to-day tasks from a single starting point.

What is SharePoint?

This question comes first when we start discussing about SharePoint. There is no particular definition but lots of people describe it in different way according to its feature and functionality.

– SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. Its content management feature allows organization or users to securely store, share and collaborate within each other.

– Some says SharePoint is an enterprise information portal from Microsoft that can be configured to run Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites.

Portal technology SharePoint

– SharePoint is a web application from Microsoft that enables organizations to work more efficiently by letting users share documents, data and information. It provides document management, collaboration feature which increased productivity of organization.

– We say SharePoint Products and Technologies because SharePoint is a web based platform which contains various products and technologies to develop various corporate portals. By using SharePoint organizations can easily create and manage their own collaborative web sites.

SharePoint is one of the popular portal technologies, lots of small to large scale organizations are using SharePoint to develop their portal. It is scalable, extensible, and customizable portal solution for various organizations.

It help you better store, share, and manage digital information within your organization. In no time you can create team sites to collaborate with each other, by using SharePoint lists and libraries you can store information, documents etc.

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