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5 situations where you need an AI Mic – a microphone with intelligent noise reduction

5 situations where you need an AI Mic – a microphone with intelligent noise reduction

5 situations where you need an AI Mic – a microphone with intelligent noise reduction

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5 situations where you need an AI Mic - a microphone with intelligent noise reduction

A good headset is distinguished from ordinary headphones by the presence of a built-in microphone. And for some reason, it is this parameter that often remains underestimated when choosing a headset, although sound transmission is no less important than its reproduction. We decided to consider several situations where the presence of a “smart” microphone that will remove unnecessary background noise is not only desirable, but simply a matter of vital necessity. And don’t say you’ve never experienced this.


In-Game Voice Chat The first and most obvious distraction is keyboard clatter and mouse clicks in games and streams. Even in conditions of complete silence in the room, these sounds will always be heard, because gaming keyboards are often mechanical and because of this they are quite loud, and the furious click of even the most ordinary office “rodent” in quiet work can be annoying. Therefore, in order not to distract your teammates, as well as provide your streams with a qualitatively new level, you should take advantage of the intelligent noise reduction in the microphone.


Openspace The layout of today’s offices mostly involves large open spaces. And this means constant background noise from working computers, periodic conversations between employees, and possibly also background music. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to conduct conversations in a separate meeting room or you have to communicate using a headset too often at work, you cannot do without a microphone that can drown out the noise from the presence of other people.



Audio conference Due to the quarantine and the massive transition to work from home, many people have switched to the online conference format to resolve business issues. But what is even more interesting, even with the lifting of quarantine restrictions, many are in no hurry to abandon such a convenient tool. Therefore, regardless of whether the conference takes place in your office or at home, there is always the possibility of unwanted external noise that can break into a business conversation at the most inopportune moment.


Call-center A separate case when a good headset with the most correctly working intelligent noise reduction is indispensable for high-quality work is various kinds of call centers and customer service departments, where voice communication is given maximum working time. When several people are talking in a room at the same time, it is highly undesirable for the interlocutor to hear all these conversations, because on the one hand, he will not be able to highlight the remarks that were intended specifically for him, and on the other hand, he can hear confidential information that is not intended for strangers. ears.


Talking outside In the summer it is much more pleasant to spend time outdoors, even when you are busy with work. An open laptop on the terrace of a summer cafe often seems like a more tempting prospect than a boring familiar office. Moreover, the possibilities of video conferencing applications are now enough to conduct conversations from absolutely anywhere. Programmatically replace the background, use a microphone with intelligent noise reduction – and no one will even be able to assume that you are holding a meeting not from your own office.

You can imagine many more situations where you need to talk to someone online without unnecessary interference. So such a seemingly small thing – a headset with an intelligent noise reduction system or a compact adapter – can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of communications. Learn more about AI Mic intelligent noise reduction technology here.