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Apple iPhone 13 mini review.

Apple iPhone 13 mini review.

Apple iPhone 13 mini review.

It isn’t a significant update over the iPhone 12 Mini, but if you want a small, light phone and the price and battery life are no barrier, the iPhone 13 Mini is a great choice.

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Apple iPhone 13 mini review.


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Rewind to the iPhone 4, which launched in June 2010, and its 3.5in screen seemed perfectly normal and usable. Now, just over a decade later, we’re used to phones with near-7in screens That’s not twice as big: it’s four times the display real-estate available on the iPhone 4.

Of course, the screen-to-body ratio has increased massively, which is why the iPhone 13 Mini can pack a 5.4in display into a device that’s easy to hold in one hand.

It also fits easily into a pocket and is so much lighter than most modern phones you can barely notice you’re carrying or holding it.

That makes it great for the minority of people with really specific needs: those who want a pocketable phone that’s light, powerful, has great cameras, and that they’re happy to spend a lot of money on. Not to mention one that’s made by Apple.

If that describes you, you’re probably weighing up whether to go for the 13 Mini or the 12 Mini, which is now cheaper than it was a year ago. For anyone wondering if they should upgrade from the 12 Mini: no. There’s not enough difference to warrant it.


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