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Data Modeling & Services
Database Services

ATSC Data services 360o coverage for all your database technologies Gain expert database management services for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, SharePoint, as well as popular NoSQL technologies such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra… database environments with an unmatched level of service, support and affordability. Flexible, client-focused delivery options[…]

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Social Insurance Data Model

This document describes the concepts to build subject area and logical data models to be used to support the requirements for the Data Warehouse project of social insurance (DWH). Data domain in the model Domains have been used in the model in order to standardize the data lengths[…]

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Basic concept to build Insurance data model

We will build up data model based upon 9 data concepts which have been used in this project so far, as follow: – Involved party: a natural person or legal entity with relevance to the insurance company’s business (the relationships con- nected to Party represent major roles that[…]

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Insurance Data Model Architect

This section describes all components of Insurance Data model. Insurance Data Model comprise three main components: – Insurance Glossary Model (IGM) – Atomic Warehouse Model (AWDM) – Dimensional Warehouse Data Model (DWDM) Insurance Glossary Model A glossary model is a model that provide a dictionary about all insurance[…]

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Insurance Subject Area Data Model

A Subject area model is a key component of a successfully developed data warehousing or data architecture program. Oftentimes, when a subject area model is created, they are frequently leveraged for only the purpose of segmenting a data model. Whether you develop it yourself, or purchase a vendor[…]

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