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Unlock the Power of Real-Time Data

Zero Downtime


See the benefits of an active-everywhere data architecture with 24×7×365 availability.

Global Scale

Deploy data where you need it with maximum performance, availability and accessibility. Instantly scale services and nodes anywhere in the world.

Deploy anywhere, Zero Lock-in


Deploy services anywhere, on any platform, including on-premises, bare-metal, cloud, and Kubernetes.

Operational simplicity

Reduce the complexity of operations and deployment with cloud-native Kubernetes backed by enterprise-grade security, monitoring, and support.

Build Faster with APIs


Develop with high performance gRPC, GraphQL, REST, and Document (JSON) APIs. Use Storage Attached Indexing (SAI) for flexible query patterns at scale, without unnecessary data duplication.

CDC for Cassandra

Create real-time data pipelines from DSE to downstream systems in the data ecosystem including search, analytics, and other Cassandra clusters.

Real-time data in action

Achieving digital transformation

Macquarie Bank used DataStax Enterprise to transform itself into a digital banking juggernaut with a complete 360 view of its customers.

“Personalization had to be at the forefront of our solution to enable customers to understand how they spend their money, how their finances are performing, and where they need to improve.”

Handling 21K transactions per second

As part of a massive digital transformation initiative, Capital One consolidated 450M rows of data from legacy databases to 11M rows and now processes 21K transactions a second with DSE.

“We pulled in one year of data from Oracle and once we got it into DataStax Enterprise, built on the best distribution of Apache Cassandra, it was a smooth ride and it was processing at a very high rate.”

Mukram Aziz
Senior Manager of Data Services at Capital One

Powering the World’s Data Centers with DSE

With DataStax, Equinix has been able to unlock the value of streaming data that was impossible to even gather with relational systems.

“After extensive total cost of ownership evaluation, Equinix selected DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra™ for cost-effective scale, continuous availability architecture, superior write and read performance and seamless integration with Hadoop.”


Increase developer flexibility and productivity

DataStax provides developers with the freedom and velocity to build real-time applications at scale. Stargate API gateway makes it easy to build using APIs of your choice.

Native driver performance on HTTP. Use our supported Go, Java Node.js and Rust clients or build your own.

// Set up the authentication
// For Stargate OSS: Create a table based auth token Stargate/Cassandra
// authentication using the default C* username and password
const credentials = new StargateTableBasedToken(
{authEndpoint: auth_endpoint,
username: username,
password: password

// Create the gRPC client
// For Stargate OSS: passing it the address of the gRPC endpoint
const stargateClient = new StargateClient(stargate_uri, grpc.credentials.createInsecure());

// Create a promisified version of the client, so we don’t need to use callbacks
const promisifiedClient = promisifyStargateClient(stargateClient);

// For Stargate OSS: generate authentication metadata that is passed in the executeQuery and executeBatch statements
const authenticationMetadata = await credentials.generateMetadata({service_url: auth_endpoint});

// For Stargate OSS: SELECT the data to read from the table
const query = new Query();
const queryString = ‘SELECT firstname, lastname FROM test.users;’
// Set the CQL statement using the string defined in the last line

// For Stargate OSS: execute the query statement
const response = await promisifiedClient.executeQuery(

Serve a GraphQL API from any DSE database. Develop in schema first or cql first modes.

mutation insert2books {
nativeson: insertBook(book: { title: “Native Son”, isbn: “978-0061148507”, author: [“Richard Wright”] }) {
mobydick: insertBook(book: { title: “Moby Dick”, isbn: “978-1503280786”, author: [“Herman Melville”]}) {

query fetchBook {
book(title: “Native Son”) {

Secure RESTful APIs for DSE databases and integrate front-end apps fast.

curl -s –location \
–request POST http://localhost:8082/v2/schemas/keyspaces/users_keyspace/tables \
–header “X-Cassandra-Token: $AUTH_TOKEN” \
–header “Content-Type: application/json” \
–header “Accept: application/json” \
–data ‘{
“name”: “users”,
“name”: “firstname”,
“typeDefinition”: “text”
“name”: “lastname”,
“typeDefinition”: “text”
“name”: “favorite color”,
“typeDefinition”: “text”
“partitionKey”: [“firstname”],
“clusteringKey”: [“lastname”]
“defaultTimeToLive”: 0,
[{ “column”: “lastname”, “order”: “ASC” }]

Fast ingest and retrieval of JSON documents and collections in Cassandra with no data modeling needed.

curl –location –request PUT ‘http://localhost:8180/v2/namespaces/test/collections/library2/json-schema’ \
–header “X-Cassandra-Token: $AUTH_TOKEN” \
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \
–data-raw ‘{
“title”: “Person”,
“type”: “object”,
“properties”: {
“firstName”: {
“type”: “string”,
“description”: “The person’\”s first name.”
“lastName”: {
“type”: “string”,
“description”: “The person’\”s last name.”
“age”: {
“description”: “Age in years which must be equal to or greater than zero.”,
“type”: “integer”,
“minimum”: 0



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