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Machine Learning
Build a Text and Image Search App with Astra DB Vector Search, NodeJS, Stargate’s New JSON API, and Stargate-Mongoose

Vector search is a powerful way to bring the magic of generative AI to your applications. And if you have the right tools, it’s not necessarily difficult. Here, I’ll show you a simple way to build a NodeJS application with DataStax Astra DB (and vector search) support by[...]

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Introducing DataStax GPT Schema Translator: Streamlining Real-Time Data Pipelines Using Generative AI

You can now use generative AI to create schema mappings for streaming pipelines via the DataStax GPT Schema Translator. This new DataStax Astra Streaming feature frees up developers to focus on the more impactful components of building and maintaining real-time pipelines, instead of wrestling with the difficult and[...]

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Real-World Machine Learning with Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our series on machine learning with Apache Cassandra®, we discussed the goals and approaches of machine learning, why Cassandra is the perfect tool for executing large datasets, and the tech stack of choice for companies like Uber, Facebook, and Netflix. Both posts in this[...]

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Real World Machine Learning with Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark (Part 1)

Machine learning: the secret behind the neural networks that Netflix and Spotify use to offer recommendations and the underlying technology behind Siri’s voice recognition. It’s changing the world at a rate none of us could have expected. No longer a buzzword, it’s a powerful technology that developers and[...]

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